No Loss Lottery Winners Announcement August 4th and August 12th

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What is the No Loss Lottery

  • A prize linked savings account.
  • One Leo sent to the @nolosslottery wallet buys you one ticket, which is entered into the lottery in your name.
  • The more tickets you buy, the greater your chance of winning.
  • But if you don’t win, you are automatically entered into next weeks lottery.
  • And when you want your Leo back you just send a wallet memo to @nolosslottery the account which processes the Leo deposits.
  • So the No Loss Lottery is fun like a lottery, but smart like a Savings account.

I call it Smart Fun!!

  • If you want to start having Smart Fun send one Leo or more to @nolosslottery

Winners Announcement for this week!


Prize Winner: 08/04/2022

The No Loss Lottery Lottery Winner and Prize of 100 Leo for 08/04/2022 goes to #2554 who is @votebetting



Prize Winner 08/12/2022

The No Loss Lottery Lottery Winner and Prize of 100 Leo for 08/12/2022 goes to #3924 who is @summertooth



How is the Winner Determined?

  • Each one Leo buys one ticket, and each ticket is assigned a number in a ledger.
  • Then a Google random number generator is used to generate numbers between 2 and the total ticket number that week, which is the total number of tickets sold and Leo deposited so far.

How is the Prize Money Distributed?


  • Ask in the comments below!


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Past Winners
@d-zero won 100 Leo
@jfang003 won 50 Leo
@summertooth won 100 Leo
@votebetting won 100 Leo

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