What is an Initial DEX Offering and what will make Leofinance’s Polygon Yield Farm attractive to investors?

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Leofinance just announced a new Polygon Yield Farm with two income stream farms, auto-compounding, low inflation, and high appreciation tokenomics. All made possible by a Cubfinance IDO. So I wish to talk about that in this post.


CUB IDO Launchpad

Later in "The Week of CUB" schedule, we have a planned PR to discuss the next major feature we're building for CUB after the Kingdoms release: the CUB IDO Launchpad. The first IDO to go live will be the new token & application we're launching on Polygon. In a nutshell, CUB holders will have the first crack at trading the new token via an IDO sale.
The IDO will only allow CUB to be traded for "Token X". Since no funds are actually being raised in this IDO, 100% of the CUB traded for "Token X" during the IDO will be burned permanently from the supply.

What is an IDO?

An initial DEX offering or IDO refers to the launching of a cryptocurrency on a decentralized exchange (DEX). In an IDO, a blockchain project makes a coin's first public debut on a DEX in order to raise funding from retail investors.

So in a sentence, it’s the process by which a new cryptocurrency token is offered for sale on a decentralized exchange. It’s a lot cheaper then an initial coin offering or ICO and the Token creator has a lot of control over how the token is sold and distributed.
Plus it is suppose to be a fairer way to offer coins for sale as there don’t have to be prequalifications or reserved tokens. Every one with a Cub token can buy one.

In the case of Cubfinance they will control the sale of the new Polygon tokens and only sell them for Cub, in a one for one fashion. This trade or purchase is irreversible. The Cub is burned.

This will affect the price of Cub token by:
A. Reducing the supply
B. Increasing buying pressure as people interested in participating in the Polygon DeFi system using this Polygon version of Leo will buy Cub tokens to purchase the new Polygon Leo token.

Unfortunately, this means no airdrop. One of the reasons given by @khaleelzaki was air drops are followed by massive token sales, which drop the price of the new token quite a bit as people sell or dump it. The other reason given was that while air drops provide short term positives in your wallet if you sell, the IDO Cub exchange and burn provide more long term benefits to the community. This should bring value both to the new token and Cub token through creating Cub token scarcity through burning and buying pressure from investors who buy Cub to participate in DeFi on Binance or Polygon. The net result is buying pressure exerting upward pressure on Cub price.

New Polygon Yield Farm

Polygon-based Yield Application
Our Polygon-based yield app will launch in the near future. This app works quite differently than CUB. It involves various autocompounding, staking and lockup features that bring rock solid tokenomics and combine it with DeFi liquidity mining concepts. We'll introduce this app and give more details on how it will work in "The Week of CUB".

So I interpret this to mean;

The new Leofinance Yield Farm on Polygon will feature dual income stream cross project yield farms similar to Kingdoms…

A new Yield Farm will be hosted on the Leofinance Polygon Site, but the yield farm will actually exist on another DeFi project website. So LP stakers on Leofinance Polygon site earn another projects Farm token and the new Leofinance Polygon Farm token. Two or Dual streams of income. Then the other Farm token is used to buy the new Leofinance Polygon token and add it to the investors account on the new Leofinance Polygon DeFi site as auto-compounding.

This uses the other project token inflation to buy Leo Polygon token. This is a low inflation scenario with the auto-compounding feature acting as a built in buying mechanism for Polygon Leo, a built in hodling incentive for Polygon Leo and of course attractive dual stream of income incentive for investors in Leofinance Polygon DeFi project. All of this token economy set-up is to avoid the inflationary token economics we experienced here in the beginning of Cubfinance.

Cubfinance IDO Additional Functionality.

This launchpad infrastructure we're building is not just for 1 token launch. Our goal is to make regular use of CUB's IDO Launchpad and bring on smaller cap tokens to help launch and raise via the launchpad. The launchpad will only ever accept CUB for the IDO process. This means that CUB will gain a brand new utility as the only trading vehicle for brand new tokens that are about to launch. CUB Hodlers get first crack at everything that goes through the launchpad and non-CUB hodlers will need to buy CUB on the open market in order to trade it for the IDO token.

So this means Cub will become the only currency you can use to launch a new token via the Cub Launchpad. This means new token projects, including NFTs. If you look at the Ethereum Ecosystem NFTs are very popular, but the gas fees to buy and sell NFTs have become a hinderance or barrier to taking profit. The much lower fees on Polygon and the feeling of Ethereum-like Security or borrowed sense of security is drawing NFT projects to Polygon. So in this sense it makes perfect sense for Leofinance to add this functionality.

Last Words…


The new token economics, low token inflation, high token appreciation mechanics, dual income, hodling incentives are great. But add in additional NFT / New Token project functionality, coupled with the launch of the Leobridge third leg Binance to Polygon. And hopefully these things will usher in a period of prosperity to our ecosystem which encourages fulfillment of @khaleelkazi true goal; that the community grow by being wider: three ecosystems and deeper: with more profit making strategies.

Those who dream, and make their dreams reality, are the happiest people amongst humankind.

When Happy Khal? Soon.




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The sad thing about the "no airdrop" for me is it means a lot of the smaller/less experienced players probably won't get in at all.

Being airdropped cub was my entry into farming and without it I wouldn't have taken that step. I needed a lot of help to get as far as I've gotten and I know I'm not alone in that.

I understand the need to avoid a massive sell off of air dropped tokens. However, for the smaller players it might have been the stepping stone we needed to get involved. 😁

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You raise a valid concern. Perhaps you can ask a question about it at the next AMA or leave the question in the Discord AMA Chat asking if smaller investors could get an airdrop to incentivize their participation?

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I'm 99.9% sure that the answer would be "no". 😁

I think LEO and CUB Finance are more concerned with making "money" and far less with community these days.

Makes sense I suppose since it is about finance after all but there seems to be less and less for the newbs . . . or financially challenged. 😂

Maybe that's just my perception though.


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Everything about this launch sounds perfect. MATIC was gaining vast popularity and we already have a working DAPP on BSC. It is a no brainer to replicate the same on MATIC. It's just being smart.

Plus Matic price has dropped below 70 cents just in time for us to load up for the coming Cubfinance Yield Farm and rebounding popularity of the Polygon system.

I wish there was an easy way to swap HIVE to Matic. Most of my cryptocurrency investments are locked up in on way or other and I have nearly exiled myself from centralized exchanges.



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I have a feeling that the Polygon platform will be a clone of the normal defi networks there and the kingdoms will come afterwards. What do you think will happen when it gets released? The IDO seems like its a way to get the actual farm token.

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I think it will be released with kingdoms deployed, as a ported clone to Polygon with all advanced features in place. It will be fantastic.

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I think it will be released with kingdoms deployed, as a ported clone to Polygon with all advanced features in place. It will be fantastic.

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This is an excellent breakdown of the changes, and a very good explanation of all the Tokenomics and terms. Great Job. The links to other authors are a great idea for ranking on Google!

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Hi @shortsegments
This is an excellent breakdown of the changes, and a very good explanation of all the Tokenomics and terms. Great Job.
The articles you write are very helpful. Keep up the good work!

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