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RE: Wall Street Bets needs a more welcoming and censorship resistant home

in LeoFinance3 months ago uses Cloudflare and Cloudflare knows every IP address that accesses the site. ISPs are required by law to keep a record of all IP addresses assigned to users for many years at least in the EU.

A mobile app that talks to the Hive and HiveEngine APIs or whatnot would be cool.

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Thanks for the explanation, I think I'll modify the meme in question. Are there any plans to use a more anonymous alternative to Cloudflare?

Not that I know of. What Cloudflare does is valuable in terms of DDoS attack mitigation and load balancing. But what they do involves quite a bit of tracking and analysis. Through Cloudflare, the US authorities could shut down a huge portion of the entire web. It's a highly sub-optimal solution and a mobile app would be fantastic. But then again, at the moment, the LeoFinance team has a lot on their plate.

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I see, thanks for taking the time to tell me all that :)