Totally Badass Silver Tie Fighter….

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Afternoon everyone….

I was going through a box of hand poured silver last night. This is one piece that always amazes me.

The detail captured in this pour is truly amazing. The piece isn’t small either, it weighs in at 4.1 troy ounces.

I am a huge Star Wars fan, and have many many hand poured silver pieces of Star Wars characters, and ships.

They are poured from a few different pourers, but this one is from “Skully”. Skully is a true master of unique and extremely detailed pices.

It’s not in this box of hand poured silver, but I have the only Starship Destroyer that was ever successfully poured. It is my favorite hand poured piece.

If you are a silver stacker, or a Star Wars fan, you will truly appreciate this fine work of art.

I have taken many photos to show you the exquisite detail.



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Totally epic!!!

This poured TIE fighter never ceases to amaze me. My little electric car sounds similar to a TIE fighter engine when I cruise at 35kmh or less but at a lower constant pitch.

That’s pretty funny that you can relate it to your car…..🤣😂

The motor pitch sound was added to electric cars as an auditory cue, a safety feature for pedestrians around quiet EVs. The Tesla has a different distinct UFO-ish tone.

I’ve driven in a few Tesla’s the sound is very strange.

That piece is amazing! Hefty too at over 4oz, that falls into the art made of silver category for sure.

It sure is. It’s not small either the wings are over 3” tall.

The tie fighter is exciting. This is a lot of Silver and it's brilliant !

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This is very beautiful and nice, I almost thought it was a drone lol

That is a beautiful piece I'm not a star wars fan but would still love it

Do you have a favorite Star Wars character?

I love it, I just had a fight with that thing in a VR game.I had to use my light saber to hit the bullets back at it. lol

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That is so cool!

Can it fly though?🤔

That actually at first made me to remember one movie I actually watch some times ago


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