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RE: Keep growing your Hive and HBD

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Questions for you:

  • Why HBD and not just keep cash on hand and buy HIVE? With the price volatility we can easily make up that 8%-9% difference
  • Which ones are the good second layer tokens?
  • Which ones are examples of ponzi tokens on Hive Engine?

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I have the same questions, will coment to read the answer :D

HBD is better and safe because, in spite of bad market the price looks stable and it also gives 20% solid APR.

There are many decent second layer tokens that are good to invest. But my preference may not be a good one for you. So you have do your own research and find out which one suits your niche.

I don't want to give names directly but any project that has more than 2 tokens can be a potential Ponzi. Just my own perspective. Please DYOR

Splinterlands safe? (DEC and SPS)

Rising Star has 2 tokens as well? (Starbits and Starpro)

Rising star is definitely good I think they did not go beyond 2 tokens.

Splinterlands has so many tokens. SPS, DEC, Vouchers, License, Etc. It is a big game but not sure what to say. I'm still staying invested.