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RE: CUB: Ditching the Simplistic Tokenomics

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Thanks for your information! it's much easier to understand with your flow chart.
I think Goosedefi also knew this issue. That's why they come out with the "Vault" and GUSD where the GUSD is backed by BUSD. The harvest in GUSD vault will be paid in BUSD.

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Thank you. Goose is stepping in the right direction, that's for sure, I was there the minute they deployed their vaults. But what I did not quite understand is why the price immediately took a dump from $29 to $5, in a single candle, almost within the same hour the vaults deployed. I'm not quite sure what happened, but I'm thinking perhaps people decided to move on to a much more solid token like CAKE, then stake it in one of the vaults instead of risk it with Goose.

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