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RE: The Unique Spending Habit Of An Average Or Low Income Nigerian Earner.... (The Money Way)

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Interesting post! Over here there’s no first/second/third grade clothes but of course inplicitly it’s ‘hidden’ behind the brands you buy, some are just better than others. Also, over here here it’s very trendy to buy and wear used clothes! It’s seen as more sustainable and ‘environment conscious’ to buy secondhand or even vintage clothes and you get a lot of compliments when wearing a unique second hand item :-)))


Over here it's just the opposite. Vintage or really used clothes are considered to be only for the poor and it's more classy to wear new clothes over here and basically first class clothes are overhyped and pricey and sometimes it's only the rich that can afford them. Used clothes are equally quality but then rich people will never go for it. Thanks a whole lot for your comment and support.