5 Tips for not getting wrecked during a Bull Market

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Short video today, 5 crypto tips in 5 minutes. I thought i would share 5 tips on how to ensure you dont get overexcited during the coming bull run and cash some of your profits out.

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When will the TRPN-Token be paid out? :)


after the election when the vote is announced
Winners get PAID!
SPinvest will release a post to include final numbers, how much the winners will be receiving per token owned and when they will receive their payment.

Did I miss anything?

Yes, i wrote about it after the election. With Trump being Trump, i had to wait.

Send your NO tokens back to @spinvest and i'll ship you over your winnings :)

I cant remember the numbers and im lazy to filter through all spinvest posts. Anyways, send the tokens back and i'll get you sorted.

I have sent you 120 No tokens. With 5.2 Hive per token, that would be 624 Hive. I really like that token ;)

When I was looking for a post I didn't search in videos. But now I found one: