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RE: Are You Excited About Hive Yet?

"Whether it is DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, or #Play2Earn, Hive is putting together the foundation to provide it all."

This could be also considered Hive´s weakness. There is no single focus. You can´t be competitive in so many different areas. Many (very talented!) people work on their project within the Hive universe, but isolated from each other. This dilutes the energy and impact, together with the near zero marketing.
Just compare to Thorchain. They offer only ONE feature (cross-chain Defi platform), but with this single USP plus a terrific marketing campaign they are magnitudes more successful.


I disagree. The fact that Hive doesnt have the singleness of focus means that the breakthroughs are going to be in more than just one area.

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I hope, that this will happen!

By the way, what is Ethereum's focus.

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Being the platform for thousands of ERC-20 tokens. Almost like the role of the $ in the fiat currencies. Some fiat are mainly valued against the USD.