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RE: Goal Of Hive: 1 Million Millionaires By 2030

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It's a grand goal. It would be great if thousands of those millionaires can be in Africa, India, Venezuela and other places where wages are much lower than most of us are used to. If you like in London or New York then a million dollar house is not such a big deal these days, but empowering people around the world would really get some attention. The fact that anyone can earn Hive without investing makes it different to most crypto. I am increasing my stake gradually, but it's largely so I can help others.


Yep that's true. I think Hive and other cryptocurrency have opened up more opportunities from people in countries like you mentioned.

Absolutely we need people from the countries you just mentioned. This is an opportunity for people in those areas to start amassing a bit of capital in an effort to begin building wealth.

We keep passing it on with very new idea that turns into an opportunity.

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