Bad day for Cryptomarket!

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Today has been a difficult day for the cryptocurrency market as most are on a downward trend.
For many, this may be considered destructive and they may be scared to sell their cryptocurrencies.
But for most who are in the area and have watched the previous bull runs it may be a prime opportunity to get even more of their favorite coins.
In my personal opinion, this decline is a correction that must be made in order to keep the market at a healthy level and to continue its course.

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I do not intend to sell any of my cryptocurrencies and especially in such a period and I will continue to be a long term holder until I have a fairly large capital.

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It's not a bad day unless you desperately need to sell anything.

Take it as an opportunity to buy some more crypto.

Personally, I've been shuffling assets around the whole day and adding them to @CubFinance :)

Good luck!

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You made the right choice!!!

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Thank you, I hope so :)

Now, the #risingstar show has already started. I am late ...

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BTMFD when there is blood in the street buy.

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