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When you invest some money the main purpose is to have profit any time.
When i bought some Runes the price was very low and it was a good chance to make some profit at the future.
But the future was very close.
Rune price was launched in a few days later.


Now at the price of 0,88$ per Rune and upward trend i am not going to sell.I will keep my Runes for a future deal!


As you can see THORChain overall ROI is 2668% and my personal point of view is that will increase at the near future .

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You've made a good deal. I for example have slipped RUNE through my fingers and now find it a bit late to buy into it.

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I also had an idea to buy RUNE.
But, I don't buy it just now because BNB I bought with the price 28 USDT$ isn't up more than 28$USDT.
What do you think how should I do?

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Sounds like it was a great deal!

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It is .Almost i double my money.