Now is the right moment to buy!

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One more time i will talk about my lovely RUNE .
Rune is very promising and a lot of guys here in @leofinance have some into their bags!
At last two weeks from 0.39 $ climbs up to 1.02 $ and now is standing at the price of 0.87 $ with a price drop today 10,94% but from my opinion not for long time.

bandicam 20201119 023239809.jpg

If was at your plans to invest to Rune i believe now is the right moment.

bandicam 20201119 023336577.jpg
Can you see the spikes at the graph?
Maybe the next spike will be at 1,5$ or 2 $.
Will you miss the chance to make some profit?

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Only the person who dare to sailing on the waves of price will succeed.

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