Rabona Manager!My earnings!

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Before some weeks a new game started at hive blockchain and i was excited to start playing because i have love with football managers games.
Rabona manager has attracted a lot of fans of the genre and is already going through its seventh week paying well enough for new game.

bandicam 20201112 215103648.jpg

My team playing at League 1 resulting from delegation.But i will be back stronger at the Champions League.

The big succes is that a generous advertisement contract offered to me with 1.667.070 RBN per season and will help my finance to make some transfers to make my team stronger.

bandicam 20201112 213922612.jpg

Also i receive 14.583 hive for payment at the end of season.

bandicam 20201112 215150269.jpg

bandicam 20201112 215220090.jpg

As you can see my reputation is strong with 63.316 Regional fans ,90.753 National fans and also 200.598 International fans.
My stadium capacity is 1000 seats with success of 100% visitors per match which means a lot of RBN per match.
The important thing at managers games is to be healthy at your financial control.If you manage this your team will lead to success very soon.
If you like playing games and earn money and also you like manager games you can use my refferal link to join the game and you will receive 25.000 RBN for free.

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Nice, I've been getting about 0.7 hive from rabona every season since I started even though I'm hardly active.
Goodluck with the future seasons

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I get 0.7 only the first 2 seasons.After i was getting rise at the leagues i received more.Good luck and to you!

That looks like a fun game.
How many days is a season?
Do you have to invest besides the 25k for the referral?
Do you have to login daily for changes to your team?

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The season last 7 days.The only that you have to invest is 30 hive at the beginning but you earn back very fast.You must login one time for 5 minutes daily to line up your team for five matches.This is what i do.