Spain Is Tokenizing Its Real Estate Market

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Felipe Erazo reports in that "National and foreign buyers acquired a “tokenized” apartment in Spain in the city of Sevilla with Ethereum, which involved a domestic crypto exchange and a real estate investment firm."

Early in March that Piso Barato Inmobiliaria, a Tenerife-based real estate firm, has enabled the feature that allows customers to acquire properties by paying with bitcoin (BTC).

In February another Spanish real estate platform, Idealista, listed its first-ever property for sale for cryptocurrency — an apartment located in the center of Barcelona.

Looks like Spain is developing a booming crypto real estate market adding another use case for cryptocurrencies.

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Crypto keeps finding ways to enter the mainstream world. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the reach it will ultimately have. Good find!

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I agree with you, it is just the beginning. Almost everything will be tokenized in the future. Thanks for the comment and upvote.

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