The Most Influential People in Crypto 2020

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The coindesk has published a collection of articles featuring the most influential people in crypto 2020:

Balaji Srinivasan: The Man Who Called COVID By Marc Hochstein
Zhou Xiaochuan: The Father of the Digital Yuan By David Pan
Andre Cronje: DeFi Expressionist By Brady Dale
Cathie Wood: Ahead of the Curve By Jeff Wilser
Juan Benet: From Idea to Action By Daniel Kuhn
Amiti Uttarwar: Building Bitcoin’s Future By Colin Harper
Jesse Powell: Bitcoin Banker By Nathan DiCamillo
Bitcoin Dissidents: Those Who Need It Most By Anna Baydakova
Hayden Adams: King of the DeFi Degens By William Foxley
Linda Lacewell: A Friendlier Regulator By Nikhilesh De
Charles Cascarilla: PayPal Whisperer By Zack Seward
Michael Saylor: Bitcoin’s Cyber Hornet By Danny Nelson

It is a long but interesting read for everyone interested in knowing the developments in crypto and blockchain world.

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