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RE: Always ready to jump with crypto

In Anthropological terms this is commonly known as the “luxury trap”.

The luxury trap is a giant bear trap that the human race blindly walked into around the time of the agricultural revolution and has been unable to escape from since.

As soon as people started settling land and investing time and money into it they changed the course of history for us all. If you were a hunter gatherer and something came and threatened your livelihood chances are you would just leave that area but if you’re a farmer with fields, livestock and a house full of “stuff” you’re stuck. War, economic depression, environmental disasters, whatever the cause you can’t pack up your wealth and leave, you are compelled to stay and see it through.

In short the luxury trap also gave rise to forms of centralised control for example kings, kingdoms and eventually nation states that we suddenly became dependent on for protection of our illiquid and immovable luxuries.

Crypto gives humans a way of removing some of the shackles we placed on ourselves all those millennia ago while simultaneously weakening the grip of centralised powers which is of course why those in power who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo will stop at nothing to discredit it.


Just like crypto having a tradeoff on speed, security and scalability - our lives are a series of tradeoffs between much of the same things - mobility, security and freedom - these days (perhaps always), we seem to value security heavily, while mobility is considered less valuable. People choose to stay where they know (even in the same country), rather than move for better opportunity - as they would have done as hunter-gatherers.

I like the way you presented the idea of luxury trap, thanks!


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