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RE: Always ready to jump with crypto

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In this day and age, the conservative mindset easily leaves one behind. The rate of change is accelerating and decentralization is but one example of that.

It will be from these sectors that the most violent pushback will likely come, as they will witness first hand a degradation of their powers and control, while those they controlled start to usurp power.

I think it will be possible to curate for a living for me around the 10 to 20 mark, though it might not cover everything, it will go a very long way.


Assuming you have about 120,000 HP. At $10, that would be worth $1,200,000. Assuming curation APR of 10% (very modest at this time but the rate of inflation slows down about 0.5 percentage points per year), your curation rewards would be worth $120,000 annually or $10,000 per month. I would say that's more than enough to support your current lifestyle and some more. :)

Will it be enough to live on crypto island though? :D

Of your own? :D

I think I will still have to share, perhaps a townhouse or duplex on crypto island.

Why crypto island?

Nah, just somewhere with a little more freedom - though that should happen everywhere eventually :)