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RE: Rinse and repeat generational investment

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It is interesting to see what happens with a group of students who are given early possibility.

The first year my father was teaching (he was qualified at 16), he used his first paychecks to buy books, uniforms and shoes (compulsory) for some local kids so they could go to school in Malacca. Years later, after one of the students retired as a General in the Malaysian military, he tracked down my dad in Australia and flew him home for a reunion. The room was filled with doctors, lawyers and business people who got free shoes and an opportunity.


What an amazing story here and your father was some man my friend.
I am nothing as great as him, but I bet that he was also a humble man and if he was then me and your father are kin.

I think that all of you have this trait within you.

I am not sure about humble, but not overstated :)

Hahaha, not the humble part, as that is for old fogies like me, but rather the helping part.