More Numbers Out Of The US - Not A Strong Economy

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We got the weekly mortgage applications along with the monthly retail sales. Both are not suggesting a strong economy.

In this video I delve into what came out and how this is affecting things.

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As far as consumer good, I have been seeing that too out for a while now. I mean how much stuff do we need? Did they think that the momentum of was going to continue? At this point small businesses don’t have much of a chance because we don’t have to connections and buying power to get items at a cost that is sustainable. I have been seeing this with the Hivelist store.

If we are a 70% consumer market, that is bound to balance itself out through supply and demand over time. No way that imbalance can stand for much longer. Especially the way things are going. With the staples of life going through the roof, who can afford a bunch of garbage?

No and that is why we see the buildup in inventories. As people spend more on the basics, they have less for the other stuff.

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I’m certainly skeptical of the “things are great” bullshit coming out of the WH to try to protect some of the criminals running for re-election.

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Imo, the American consumer is screaming in pain rn. The banks aren't going to lend, so there's going to be another major credit squeeze. It'll hit leverage in the stock market first, as people sell to cover margin and pay down debt (if not just pay it all off in their entirety)

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the economy must show improvement and the purchase of real estate can be a good parameter to know to a large extent if the recovery is true or if it is not

Not sure the real estate market is the parameter to go by.

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It is so a strong economy 🥸
Everything is great. We will protect you all by printing 💴. Don’t worry folks the economy is great 🥸 - The Fed