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RE: LEO Down, But Community Strong

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Markets are insane. As long as we remember that, we can ignore what they do. Unless looking to make a buy or sell, the price means nothing.

We just keep showing up and expanding the platform. Eventually the market comes around. It always does.

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True. It's what I've been doing for over four years.

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Those who keep that outlook can overcome the market fluctuations and keep producing content. That is what is vital.

Keep filling those bags.

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Eventually the market comes around. It always does.

And as long as we show up and are active in our various ways, we will have moar when the market comes around.

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The network effect is something Hive and Leofinance are still waiting on. We have not kicked that off.

I am certain we will have it, at the latest, with #ProjectBlank. That will be a raging success I believe.

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