The Economics of Decluttering/Organizing and Selling Useless Stuff on eBay

in LeoFinance4 months ago

a byproduct of consumerism is well clutter in other words mountains of quote-unquote stuff that's not just useless but even decreases our quality of life by filling up every last inch of usable space in our homes please do not fall victim to the Sun cost fallacy or in our case the belief that just because you bought a ton of stuff that money will go to waste if you don't keep it bad news that money is already gone so ask yourself what you'd prefer won no money and no free space or - no money but a bunch of free space hopefully you'll choose the second option which brings us to another economic dilemma should you a just throw useless stuff away or be try to sell it on platforms like eBay well it all boils down to how much you value your time if we're talking about a 500 dollar object then unless you're a multimillionaire it's probably more than worth your time to sell and ship it because hey $500 is a decent amount of money if however we're talking about let's say a $2.00 item that would take you two hours to sell in ship yeah being paid a buck per hour probably doesn't sound all that appealing as always common sense needs to prevail