Are STEM Miners the most profitable on Hive-Engine?

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STEM has gone up 10x in the last few weeks and I still think it is still highly undervalued. At the time I noticed STEM Miners were yielding around 50% APR and were being sold too cheap. I have since raised the price to 30 Hive which which still results in around 2.3 year break-even period.

Brofund is one of the largest holder of a lot of Hive-Engine miners and are a good metric for all well miners do.









There are 6,892.81 STEM Miners minted with 5,823.94 staked. 99.64% of all STEM Miners have been burned to bring the max supply down to a reasonable level.

Even with a 50% price hike, STEM Miners are the most profitable available on Hive-Engine. Miners like AliveM have a better break-even period but there are so few available that any purchase will drastically increase the break-even period.

Visit the Hive Engine Tools site for my Hive-Miner Break-Even tool and many other super useful tools for Hive Engine real-time reporting.

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Fine! I'll buy your stupid miners! Take my money! Damn advertisements. Always pushing me around...
HA! Got three on the cheap from the guy out back selling them out of his trunk. Sucker!

Disclaimer: I'm joking around and sometimes forget where I am.

What's a STEM Miner? A token that generates tokens?

Yes, it is a Hive Engine miner that mines STEM tokens.

This is something worth looking into. Just bought some Ape, nice to check this one out.



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10 times in last 2 weeks is a dramatical change and the profitability. Unbelieveable but truth.

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Miners are a great mean for passive income although I feel that we need the next big thing to replace them. What will it be and if we maybe inspire from DeFi world to feature something new, would need to wait and see...

No Sabia que se Podía minar alguno me podría compartir información y cuales serán los requerimientos mínimos.

Was I supposed to stake those things? Does it provide liquid or staked STEM? And is there a curation bot or something I can delegate the STEM I own to? I don't have the time to micromanage.

For Miners you need to stake. For STEM you need to stake as well to earn curation rewards and be able to vote, similar to Hive. There is Brofi you can delegate to and earn BRO. Or you can just trail @stemgeeks or any other STEM voter.

I bought three for shits and giggles and then had instant buyer's remorse like usual any time I try to do anything crypto. That's not going to yield much is it? I don't really care but at the same time, I'm not sure why I did that...

Most of my tokens just sit stagnating. Maybe I will try that brofi thing out and just give up. But do I need to know some kind of special strategy for that as well or is it pretty straight forward set it and forget it stuff? Can't follow a voter. Don't really like my name attached to things I had nothing to do with.

At the current STEM price, it is little over 25% APR

It varies depending on market.


Thanks anyway dude.

Not sure what the heck that STEM is about but I get the impression of Justin Sun getting so much profit mining Hive 🙃

STEM Is a token for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math topics. It isn't related to STEEM.