Fierce Decentralization

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I talk about how decentralized networks are inevitable.

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Love what you said, "if you can't contribute with cash, you can contribute with effort", people should really get this and see that ANYONE can make it here with the right attitude.

Thanks for keep fighting and building a brigther future for us @theycallmedan, the rest of us will help in the way we can.

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When I first came here I didn't have much to my name. I fought and clawed my way to get to where I am. Always start by giving what you got, and effort is better than money in a lot of situations. We have an army of cyber hornets that are relentless in their pursuit of greatness.

Dan Larimer just posted he wants to work on tools that prevent censorship. He also asked how hive stores images and videos. He also believes that a decentralized free speech platform should work by incentivizing its users to store the data themselves. (see his last two posts on hive)

Does that ring a bell?? Please talk to him and collaborate on 3speak. Even if unlikely, maybe it turns into something else who cares. He can bring resources, marketing (through his fame alone), and obviously the dev skills + experience.

It just fits.

I second this.

I personally love to see Dan Larimer on HIVE

I just went through quite the back and forth with trying to onboard someone to Hive via Twitter.

It's so much better than it was a few years ago, most people want things...Stupid simple. That's why 3speak and LEO finance are so important for the onboarding to the blockchain going forward.

Easy onboarding will help us so much!

Awesome video man, more timely than ever!

The last couple weeks were a huge wake up call for the world of social media. What is interesting, at the same time, some of the commercial banks are waking up to the fact that maybe CBDCs aren't such a great thing since it will make them obsolete. This is something many of us in crypto saw long ago (of course we thought decentralized crypto would be what took them out).

Either way, there is still a ton of work to do. What is encouraging is the wake up call came to Hive and many are starting to consider how much more we need to decentralize things.

LeoFi is just around the corner (in first quarter most likely). That will help things a great deal.

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Give me the Leo UI Dev and another person that is into politics and I will build you a politics pendant to LeoFinance. I have some great ideas, like letting users split up in factions and lead downvote wars against each other.

Politics is one of the main reasons people get banned and it is also a topic at the core of Crypto, because Crypto can change the world and that is what politics all about.

I can only imagine browsing Hive on a platfrom that looks like Leo but instead of my tags being Defi and Eth I have Left-wing, Right-wing, anarchists, centrists, memes, news, america, europe, asia .

Then with all the people flogging to the new WarzonePolitics creating all kinds of niche tags and content I can finally browse Nazbol memes all day.

Decentralized blockchains are very popular worldwide because high security is ensured. With more security and higher efficiency, decentralized networking strengthens the future of digital platforms, starting with the present. Decentralization is an inevitable thing for any enterprise.

Hive is dependent on centralized internet infrastructure. How many witnesses run their servers of AWS for example?

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Start your own node without AWS. Anyone can do it. As the network grows more people will do it, everyone is incentivized. It's not a design problem just an early adoption problem. Bitcoin was run on one node day 1.

Many run the infrastructure from their homes.

I dont think they servers on AWS but I think the images are all loaded on there.

Finnaly i got your latest post on @threespeak
TRUST is very important and with decentralize networks help spread crypto to the next level.

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We are hive community, We trust hive, Trust is better than trustless. Thank you for good speaking @theycallmedan

I think you'd do well in this discussion Dan:

It links here btw if you are still in Twitter jail.

My Twitter was banned before it was cool I guess lol. Thanks

Not sure you ever were in online marketing. If yes you can see this for years. People build a business/ community and web 2.0 deletes it.

Ruins multiple legit businesses.

That was the first impression and sales point for me. Nobody can disconnect the line from Business to customer.

That was also a reason for many businesses to not use social media for a long time.

The only that changes today becomes politics and opinion-making.

If Larry Sanger could be turned to the dark side, he would be a valuable ally.

You set the trend.

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For Large Investors we need Smts. So they can promote their project on Hive. I don't think the first step would be to buy Hive for them. Would be a second step. Reason for me to say that is because it isn't a passive thing like holding bitcoin.

Some people only want to park money on projects they like. And as far I know, hive doesn't have a self beneficial cycle for them. Like they can be an energy provider for Rcs or something like that.

Or invest in Tokens/projects with the master token Hive. That would also need some Smts first. The better Smts are, the bigger we can go.


It will be challenging to achieve but I am listening, also I'm here so that means I am a believer.

I have a different view, our generation has been locked out of being able to create wealth and the ruling classes for so long have held on tight to their power.

Our generation just created a new form, something for us that provides opportunity. Crypto is not much different to share holders/dividends. Just a different game aimed at paying out abit more to others. A new form of trickle down economics?

The old world continues to fight crypto, but eventually as the new world turns here for opportunity they will be forced to join or risk losing their wealth and hold.

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I so resonate with what you are expressing, I maybe doing what needs to be done, but what can I do with laser focus on this movement?

HIVE DAPPs might be able to get some attention by creating accounts on Gab. It seems to be more of an alt-right community than a Libertarian one. But they have faced massive censorship. The demographics there could be more willing to try out blockchain alternatives.

“Our traffic is up 753% in the past 24 hours. Tens of millions of visits,” said after being asked about the slow loading speed. The company is adding more servers to handle the increased traffic.

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I am not against grassroots! I just think we could strategize a little more about how to work the algorithms in our favor and not get beat by them.

Anyways, thanks for replying directly to my concerns 🧀

Really looking forward to every 3speak announcement this year! Hive can carry itself but you are going to tear it up this year and bring us forward light years