Community Token Talk - The Cutting Edge of Web 3 - Ep. 35

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CTT Episode week 35 with guest @marketingmonk

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One-Block Irreversibility for Delegated Proof-Of-Stake (DPOS)


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Community Token Talk - The Cutting Edge of Web 3 - Ep. 34

  1. I cannot believe they had a stable coin premine?
  2. How the hell did they turn off the chain? What kind of a Blockchain is that?!
  3. No, Luna is dead and USDT is dead.

Listening through this was really informative although at some point I got tired because of the length of the video. I hope next time maybe you should share the video so we can listen easily to it.

But as to the suggestion of backing HBD with Bitcoin, I think is not a really bad idea and like @marketingmonk the guest has said, backing HBD with Bitcoin is going to be a really good idea even though Bitcoin is low now but I know in the future it will be a really good collaboration with HBD. Like the example he made, in the future when hive is low and Bitcoin is high, it will be an added advantage to everyone.

I really do hope that even if there will be consequences backing Hive with BTC, I hope we for see it before hand so we don't experience what is currently happening with Luna. And I believe that with everyone working together, it will be a successful one.

I want to specially appreciate everyone who have made this video come out so well. And I want to specially thank the host @theycallmedan for sharing this with us.

I wish you a great weekend sir. Thanks for the update.

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@theycallmedan nice work sir.

May I ask you for some help? I want to increase my HP a little more, so I want to be able to heal a little more, and also to help those who don't have so much support. Could I ask you for some HP, at least for 1 month? I promise to use it in the right way