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I've always been waiting for 2021, because 2020 was a very rough year and a lot of things happened. Here is a quick recap of last year (2020):

The year 2020 started quite well, everything seems normal we were all having different plans and goals, but all of a sudden there came a break of pandemic (Corona Virus) and everything stood still then life became a bit frustrating, things became difficult, a lot of people lost their jobs and the likes. For me, I was about to conclude that 2020 was a waste because all the plans I had didn’t work out.

But towards the end of the year, I eventually ventured into Leofinance and Hive which serve as a source of consolation for me. Since then I’ve been learning a lot about the platform and it is amazing to see that a lot of people made good earnings from here, and I’m like wow! How can I get there?

So with this, I can’t completely say that I didn’t achieve anything in 2020 because I met something that changed my life and my thinking. So as for this 2021, I am going to dedicate more of my time to learn and to invest more in Cryptocurrency, I wasn’t active since the time I join leofinace because I needed to learn how the platform works and how to use it. Though I’m still learning but at least I’ve been able to understand a little of how the platform works.

I'll be glad to have someone put me through on the usage of this platform so that I will be conversant with all the terms and conditions.
I remain @tim-ini
Thank you.

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