Letter to all nonbelievers

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Here’s to all the haters and everyone who doesn’t believe in crypto:
Every good thing starts as an idea, an idea for a better life, a better world, a fairer world. How can you hate something that can only make your life better, in so many ways. You say crypto is not real, you say it has no value. Look at the cash in your wallet. What value do you think that has, if you take away its credibility? You say that is unlikely, well, look at history. How many US Dollars did they print in the last couple of years? Last year alone 22% of the total supply was printed. How is that supposed to work out in the long run? What’s the logic behind that? You say the government will ban crypto, well they can try, but they are more likely to strip you of your property than to be able to take down all the blockchains and disable the networks. Crypto in many areas may still be a dream, an idea, but soon it will be a dream come true and I can’t wait to see your faces then.
Yours truly


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