More work to do if you value privacy and decentralization in crypto

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And as expected, "consensys", the company behind INFURA API-based tool that allows users to connect to the Ethereum, Polygon, BNB etc. blockchain through METAMASK, its own tool, has just announced that It has started to collect the IP address and the public key of its wallet from the users who make any transaction.

All for the good of humanity of course...
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I don't know what you think, I value my privacy to the maximum and, of course, all these regulations, disclaimers, KYC and others go against what DECENTRALIZATION means too.

If you are thinking that the DeFi fashion is really "decentralized" I can already tell you that as long as you are using METAMASK and the RPC continues pointing to "Infura API" this is not decentralized at all...
There are some methods that we can still use, such as maybe using a VPN but also, look into other RPC providers that have not changed their data protection policy yet.
The most effective, however, is that you use your own Ethereum Node to connect to Metamask, something that very few have the ability to do (LoL)...

It seems to me that I will also have to transfer my ETH and BNB stored in metamask to my cold wallet for the moment...

Really, I don't think there is anything more decentralized than BITCOIN today.



It is getting crazier and a lot is unfolding before us, this is definitely not what Satoshi envisioned, do we even stand a chance against these centralized entities judging by the way we things are going on.

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Satoshi's vision was different indeed, that's why I think BITCOIN is the way, not the rest, unless you use them for especulative reasons, of course

Funny how all this shit can make us maxis.

Fortunately on HIVE you can easily use your private keys directly without using third party services as Keychain... who knows what will happen in the future

I don't use Keychain. I sometimes use hivesigner though.

so? are you using instead of peakd? or ecency perhaps and peakd.

Really, I don't think there is anything more decentralized than BITCOIN today.

Well, there’s Hive. 😁

Yes, at least the level of decentralization in HIVE is maintained well enough

I personally didn't see this coming! It’s like they're circling back from what they weren't suppose to do. Makes me wonder if there's some hidden pressure that's making them to do this changes.

Don't expect anything good from third parties, money is on stake

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literally they are doing now the opposite for what it was mean to be created

Yay! 🤗
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