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It's been a while, hope you are doing well. 💖
Thanks for the great initiative dear, very supportive !!
My recommendation: she is a great writer and you can see how much effort she put in but not recognized much by others. I came by yesterday and read @imawreader's article, oh man, more than 2k words and such a great post but less than 10 cent reward. It's unfair...!! Just passed by again and happy to see some more upvotes. Highly recommend you to visit her profile and hope you will enjoy her article :)


Hi. Long time... Yeah, I have been in contact with that author. I didn't know @imawreader is a she though. I would check the post. Thanks for the recommendation.

Oh yea..I'm wondering now as I always consider @imawreader as female (the avatar pic so cute), my apology if I'm wrong :)

Smile, there is no need to apologize but its is very funny that you did so.

...and it's my apology @trangbaby that I didn't gave any clarification about this matter. 😅

Hi! First of all, thank you for visiting my post. It does mean a lot And also, thanks for @trangbaby for letting you know about me. It was such a delight to see someone familiar in hive talkabout you in that kind manner. Many thanks to her, and you were right about your speculation - contrary to what she thought I was, I'm not a girl. But I can't blame her since I'm aware that my avatar could raise such speculation.

You're so kind @trangbaby to mention me this way. But I can't stop smiling when I've read that you thought I was a girl. Sometimes, I may look like one but I'm not. That happens when my hair gets long, and I usually tie it like the one on my avatar. I think I should've included that as one from the list of 20 facts about me. 😅

By the way, thank you so much for this kind intention. I appreciate it and uplifts me to know that soemone out there can appreciate the effort I put in to. I know this don't happen everytime, but I will always be glad to know that someone cam by and left an impression.

Thank you! 💖