BSOV or What Steady Sustained Growth Looks Like

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In this crazy times of DeFi when shitcoins pump and dump by 10000% a day,
it feels nice to hold something like BSOV with slow and steady growth, especially if you got in at 1 cent like I did 🤣

The graph above is definitely a beautiful sight at least in my eyes. Now, I have shilled and explained you guys how this token works a couple of times, but if you missed those posts I suggest you to read this post by @beehivetrader. He has done a great job covering everything there is to cover about bsov:

@lordbutterfly is already enjoying some sweet profits thanks to this. Will you? 🤣

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Thanks for the mention! :)

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Beautiful to watch ...i didnt get any , but its great to see someone who ketchup the good wave at the right time 💸