Don't miss the SPI airdrop!

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In case you missed the official announcement, leofinance will be airdropping SPI tokens to leo holders, in three days from now. However, the snapshot is tomorrow so you only have one day to not miss it:

Tldr, the minimum requirement is a powered up stake of 1000 Leo or more. And the more you have, the bigger your airdrop will be.

What's funny is that I was actually thinking of buying some SPI a few days back since the tokenomics are quite interesting. However, my dcity addiction got the better of me and got some cards instead. And then the SPI airdrop announcement came! Lucky!

Powering up some leo to increase my airdrop share is of course a no brainer:


Btw, my stake is now sitting comfy at almost 70 k leo powerered up!

Very nice!


So yeah, if you were thinking of buying some Leo and getting more involved with the community I think this is a good time. But remember, you have only around 24 hours to power up the minimum amount! :)

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I am surprised Kingturd wasn’t trying to get people to send him some Leo in exchange for some upvotes....

That definitely sounds like something he would do.

Kind of like how he got so many people to set him as their proxy for witness voting... hmmmm weird...

lol, yeah I remember him doing posts like that in the past. XD


Sweet! I feel this will make it more juicier and profitable to hodl Leo really. At 70k you're right on the sky. Wow Leo is doing best amongst Pal and the rest

Yes it does! The guys have an actual bussiness plan that instead of simply printing tokens and hoping fomo will bring value :)

Does that include delegated LEO? I have 1000 if delegated counts.

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I believe it doesn't :)

aw, bummer

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Cool post man

Thanks for sharing

You are most welcome!