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Here's why leo is pumping in case you missed the memo


And if @khaleelkazi manages to pull this off, I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

After all LEO has a small circulation and is already bringing money inside the system thanks to ad revenue. Now imagine if it gets listed, even in the form of a wrapped token, on all kinds of exchanges.

Uniswap, ddex, saturn are just some big and free to list names for eth tokens ! And with a small push from the hive community itself, other big names like binance or bittrex dont may not be out of reach :)

Looks like a good time to buy. Or at least a good time to use leofinance.io for some free tokens from content creation.

Anyways. I am not fucking selling.


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Is everything getting "wrapped"?

Into a black hole?

And it's gone.

which is exactly why it's such a safe play to invest in assets that are being wrapped without actually wrapping them. A horrific hack can only lower the supply of your favorite wrapped token :D

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How can you miss this meme!

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Fucking edited!

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Time to buy a shitload of LEO then.
wLEO seems like it's gonna explode the whole ecosystem

Let it be !

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Posting through LEO for the first time :)

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Here, have some Leos 😍

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Αντεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεε παμεεεεεε

Super curious to see how this will turn out, this may only be the beginning as said. This is the realest bullish signal ive seen in a while

Moon soon

My Bad! It going to explode before I reached 10K .

But happy with my 2K chunk.

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Nice. Same here. It's all staked though. Placed a buy order of 700 before it pumped. I missed out

That 2k could be really big soon!

I placed a buy order for a while and nobody picked it up. Fomo kicking it right now and I'm tempted to pull the trigger snd buy the top like the pleb I am

Silly pleb

These are times to HODL and react when the times comes in order to boost your LEO tokens. I am still to learn how I can use this situation in my favour...

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Me neither man, but I might hold off powering up for a while!

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Same energy.

I am stacking all the way

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Going to make it harder for me to get to 10k Leo, but Im fine with thst. I will keep on trying.

Keep posting on leo and you will make plenty for free! Just remember to spread share your posts on Twitter Reddit etc! Leos price is heavily linked to the adrevenue the Leo site brings!

I'm new to buying crypto but I already know I am not a trader - Nope, I'm going to buy on the dips and HOLD tight.

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What if there are no dips? 🤑😱