Medawars (eth game) airdrop !

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Meda Wars is an upcoming eth game, doing an airdrop to 500 winners and maybe you want to give it a try, especially if blockchain games are your thing.

You will need to provide an eth address and a fake name. You can also do some social stuff (telegram, twitter, discord, share ref link etc) to increase your chances of winning. Gifts include nft items for the game and tokens of the navive currency.

My advice, better stay away from the twitter share as it requires you to authorize their app and theoretically they can do lots of nasty stuff like tweeting in your behalf and deleting past and future tweets. The rest social tasks look safu to me.

Here's my ref link if you want to give it a try:

Happy milking 🥛 !

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μπηκα απο εσενα να ξερεις.....
αλλα το ξεχασα
...εσενα δε σου μιλαω, τωρα ειμαι πλουσιος

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ahh ETH is usually a deal-breaker for me but an airdrop could be easy free money so I might give it a try.

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Yep, there's nothing to lose!

Thanks. I did everything except the twitter and referral stuff. I made sure to use your referral link.

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Thanks friend!

you should provide free gloves for these milkings because some tasks like the twitter bit sounds a bit dangerous :) Safety first :P

Going to try it out.
I feel I almost never received these “random” airdrops. What are your thoughts ? Do you get 1 in 3? In 5?

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Well this is more of a contest, the non-contest ones I'd say 80%. But I always stay away from the deceitful ones so maybe that's why 🤷

I am feeling lucky 🤷
I will give it a try

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Good luck to the both of us!

random airdrop?`Nah is to random to me:)

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 68 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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