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Pretty much everything is red today...


Well...not everything. My beloved LEO is doing pretty well!

And the poor red creature is almost swallowed by the green beast :(

HAHAHA. Suck it @belemo

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Your misery brings me tears of joy

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Lmao. Leo gets to $1 and I'm still eating gucci. Might send you my nudes as appreciation

You eat..clothes?

Lol eating gucci is just casual slang for "we eating good". But you have to say it in a casual/screw ball way

i feel generous today. Here have a 1 % upvote!

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I m glad to know that LEO is going well in today's bloody market. Hive has fallen badly. I shall take it buy opportunity.

LEO is the new link!

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It's totally painful, hive falls with BTC but never rises with it. hopefully this can change.

Red everywhere

red is the new green!

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Lol totally EPIC

What the fuck is the 6th coin? I saw it before but don't have a clue.. Your lights senpai.

It's the new link before leo, which is the new new link.

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But stocks are up nicely :) My portfolio gained 2% today!

Nice! When moon?

I don´t have TESLA anymore, too risky. Musk might fly to Moon or Mars but not his stock:)

@steem.leo made pretty bold announcement that may bring some attention of outsiders. I'm only wondering if they are going to provide. There's a lot of cash involved and it brings up the hopes in folks. Even I did not sell my Leo recently

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Not much cash yet. Hive engine is really small after all. Once it goes on uniswap and other eth exchanges... Then the real fun begins

Πολύ "αριστερά" πέφτει στο ταμπλό!!χαχαχα

I sold my Eth (who is 80% of my assets) when the price was 490 so I am happy :)

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