Secret love letter..Part 2!

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Ok, time to stop being lazy and open the second letter from yesterday's post 😅


Once again, a book I don't give a shit about...And tucked inside some really cool treasures 🤑

Let's start with the piece I couldn't wait to get! A 1942 half dollar! Crazy, we had a world war raging back then...



Damn, that eagle is just so sexy! And so is lady liberty! Imo a really beautiful piece, with 12.5 g of 0.900 silver. Neat!

Next, we have a from Canada:



50 Canadian cents from 1966. Can't say I love it, but still...a nice new piece for the collection! And comes with a respectable weight of 11.6638 g, 0.800 silver. I'll take it!

Lastly, a chunky piece you have seen many times by now, including yesterday. The sexy old kings (30 drachmai) minted in 1963:



As a reminder, this coin has a respectable weight of 18 g of 0.835 silver. And it's my favorite coin to stack cause it looks so damn epic!

Oh yeah, I got a really cool gift again, the same 5 kings but in... stamps!


I am not a stamp collector but was a freebie and a nice piece of Greek history to own so I highly appreciated it!

And that's it for today! I have another letter coming one of these days so expect another "unboxing"...Soon 😂

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Walking Liberty Coins might be my favorite. I inherited a nice stack a few years ago. Most were in poor condition though. But Silver is Silver.

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Yes the design is awesome!

You are killing it man. Keep it up.👍


It's nice to see a younger-looking queen for a change!

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I jerk to young queen coins!

It's nice to see the north American coins and nice stamps.

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Yes, us silver coins are really cool! Definitely getting more in the future!

A wonder collection of fine Silver coins. The Eagles are just so pretty !

Ohhhhhh yeah!

If you put the coins in some coke, will it make it all sparkly again?
I saw this trick on youtube or something.

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No chance I am fucking my coins with coke 😂

I would be too keen to try it with valuable ones for sure :

Nice mail. :')

I used to collect stamps but my sister soaked my stampbook in cola which made me quit. 🙈

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Canadian coin always looking different than the else

hopefully we'll get introduced to another recurring character next episode

really nice coins.

special 1942 lady liberty one. The eagle looks big king.


And btw, stamps are very "old dude style" :D

Those switches look sad


you see a face too!

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Wow those coins looks really lovely and nice. Thanks for sharing.

I remember these old Walking Liberty Half-Dollars, still circulating, back in the early 1960s, @trumpman. What a jackpot, when a sharp-eyed child, like myself, would find one on a playground, back in the good-ole-days. This US treasure did its job, storing value & wealth, for countless people, for possibly a century.
Worn half 2.jpgThanks for sharing the memory, @trumpman.

You are most welcome! I really love this coin 🥰

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 110 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!