The New BRO site is out!

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I wrote a few days ago about how and why I bought I bought a large stake of the BRO hive engine token. However, one thing I forgot to mention is that Ray (the main man running the show) had promised a new website and mobile app will come soon, and how it would serve as another stream of revenue to add value in the bro ecosystem.

And only a few days later, boom, he delivered and I must say I like it! Of course the site is brand new and theres not much yet to see but it's a good start! Also I like how it's not yet another tribe site as imo we have already too many of them! I also like how it acts as a nice getaway for hive!

Here's a link if you want to check it out, who knows maybe it will even convince to buy some BROs!

Although it's still in its baby steps, BRO already feels to me like another solid investment, like Leo was 🌜🚀

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Looks awesome. Glad I listened to the recommendations and bought some BRO recently on one of my accounts.

Now I just wish I bought more

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Nice to see the synergy between these communities @khaleelkazi! 🙂 I hope this is only the beginning.

As I am sure you must be aware, partnerships and alliances in the "real world" are a big deal. The potential is only limited by the creativity of those who are working together, to achieve something perhaps greater than the "sum of the parts" ...

P.S. Sure nice to be able to post through the new LeoFinance Beta UI. Looking forward to future releases (and night mode ...) and seeing all that you and your team have in mind!

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sounds good bro

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Well the fact that it pays in multiple token is something that qualifies it for an attention. The new interface is sweet. I guess you're now a dragon. 3000 hive is huge really. Enjoy your dragon status. Hahaha

Never knew about this. It already feels nice to me. Now, let me join the thriving men on this.

We all love to have a man cave and moving that into the blockchain just brings a space where all bros can share it and have fun together. Just joy and fun into a space that we all feel free to speak our minds and just talk about anything that passes through our heads.

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Loving the daily divs!

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The only BRO site I care about is BROpoker!

Da Best 💥

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I should buy those BRO.

I was gifted few Bro Tokens , i guess my pussy hair vs Hairy balls do count