Ask Leo: How Crucial Should We Indulge In Cyber Security Based On The Present Digital World?

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The world keeps changing and now where are living in a moment where the technology is more than in a advanced stage. The world have revolved around and compared this present to the past then one will noticed that there are a lot of changes that has happened over the time.

Now we live in a world where we do most of things with computers which we can referred to as "Digital Age". The use of internet, smart computers and different electronic media have become more and more crucial to our daily job, personal life and most importantly our financial life. But woefully, as an effect of omnipresent occurrence, we are presently more unsafe than the past to dangerous hits, trickery or cheating, stalking and other such exasperation. That is the reason why cyber security is crucial element of a shielded and systematic automated domain. And with this, cyberpunks and other scammers are rebuff by cyber security.

Since we are more than living in a digital worlds where we all rely on decentralized wallet, then a cyber crime has been increasingly across the globe as we can noticed many different ways in which peoples, especially internet fraudster used to scam people's of their assets. An example of that is phishing link especially in the decentralized blogging platform, which is used as a bait to take control of other people's wallet and there are many hackers out their who can go every length to penetrate other's people computer.

This means as we are more relying on the internet then we have to make sure to get a better cyber security in all setup and keep each of our keys safe as possible.

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One of the least safest wallet is Metamask. Lots of my artist friends that have lost their money through this wallet. The best thing is to transfer funds immediately to a safer wallet like binance and never click on any strange links.

I've also had my own share on this hive. My wallet keys got compromised and I lost all my savings. I learnt in a hard way that time on how to keep my wallet keys and passwords well.

The insecurity will keep growing everyday, it's now left to us to be extra careful and do what's necessary to keep our passwords safe and wallets secured.

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The insecurity will keep growing everyday, it's now left to us to be extra careful and do what's necessary to keep our passwords safe and wallets secured.

I really like that lines where you said it's left to us to be careful with our wallet. I remember when I first joined the hive blockchain in which I clicked on a phishing link and my account was taken over and my hive tokens and HBD were vandalized and since then I have learnt a big lesson. In as much the crypto space keep growing day by day then the insecurities will as well keep increasing and the best thing to do is to keep our keys safe and mind our greediness by restricting ourselves from clicking on bait link.

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This is true, especially we the crypto traders around the World. There is really the need to tighten our belt, keep our wallet and password secured as there are many fishers and Frauds who have employed themselves in those fields.

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