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RE: Justin Sun Running A Ponzi Scheme With USDD

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Trust is an essential when it comes to activities in the crypto industry. It’s no longer news Justin Sun is seen as a controversial figure ; considering handful allegations levelled against him both in the past and present . If a YouTuber labels his USDD project as a Ponzi scheme , that won’t be far fetched with all the reasons you’ve clearly stated above.
Only time will tell what is real at the long run , time doesn’t lie at least !


There is no doubt that he appears to be running on borrowed time.

With regulators salivating around the world, I cant believe he will not be a target soon.

The entry into the stablecoin market could really put a bullseye on his chest. If the allegations that are being made are true (which they are) then the SEC, DOJ, and other alphabet entities will have a field day with him.

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