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@upvoteshares is a curation project from @costanza that aims to provide reliable upvotes based on a fair model that has proven to be sustainable and scalable over time. Before opening Level 25, 9 Shares have become available and are being put up for sale at a cheaper price...

From the start, this project has allowed any shareholder to recover what they have put in by either passing on their shares to someone else or by getting a full refund the moment the project for some reason would end. Since 2nd hand Shares go cheaper as there is no entry fee, it should be easy for anyone to get out if they choose to do so. Last month, @darthnava who had 10 Shares for a total value of 43.2 Hive opted out, 1 of those shares got burned and 9 are now up for sale each going for 4.70 HIVE (Level 25 Price without 0.30 Hive Entry Fee). Two of those are reserved for @bashadow so 7 are available first come first served.

I already took care of the refund (see conversation below)

1 Share currently represents a 2.8% Daily Upvote from the @upvoteshares account. Everyone who meets the minimum quality/investment requirements (See T&C) is free to join this curation program. These are currently the tokens that are staked with their multipliers. Everyone with 11 Shares or more also receives Curation Reward Dividends each time a new level opens up with a small multiplier (See Latest Level 24 Payout)

-TribeCurrently StakedMultiplier
Hive8210 HP1x
Palnet2421 PAL3x
Leofinance640 LEO10x
Sportstalk311700 SPORTS10x

The expected returns can easily be calculated and actually show excellent numbers thanks to the many value-creating mechanisms build into the model.

Shares Up For Sale

Share 11262.000 HIVEBurned
Share 11274.700 HIVE@bashadow
Share 11284.700 HIVE@bashadow
Share 11294.700 HIVE@quinnertronics
Share 11304.700 HIVE@quinnertronics
Share 11314.700 HIVE@quinnertronics
Share 11324.700 HIVE@quinnertronics
Share 11334.700 HIVE???
Share 11344.700 HIVE???
Share 11354.700 HIVE???

For those who are interesting to obtaining these shares, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll confirm before you can send the required Hive. They will go out first come, first served as long as minimum requirements to join this project are fulfilled. These shares will be fully refunded in case the project ever comes to an end and can be passed on / sold at any given time with a 0.2 Hive exit cost for each share benefitting all existing shareholders as it results in a share burn. Once these shares are out, the project will be ready to open up Level 25 where Shares will go for 5 Hive Each.

As always, Feel free to leave questions, feedback, suggestions in the comments below!

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Thank you for reserving those two for me, and payment is on the way for shares 1127 and 1128.

Thanks @bashadow, I increased your upvotes a while back already and will update the spreadsheet soon.

Thank you for reserving those two for me.

You paid 4.9 Hive for each Share instead of 4.7 so I refunded 0.4 Hive. I haven't had too much spare time last weeks to move things forward but will ((try) to open up level 25 next week also trying to spread the word around a bit more.

I'm not worried about it, thanks for the refund, and take care of life and family first,

Interesting concept. I'd have to think this through. I'm not much into posting, just curating so it might not be for me.

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Thanks, everything has been working pretty good for 2+ years so far. If you have any questions feel free to ask. 1 post a week is pretty much the minimum in order to get good returns since the program gives 1 weekly upvote to everyone that has below 6 shares. Above that, the program currently gives a 2.8% daily upvote for each share and it is best is to have at least 3-4 posts a week to get good returns with 1 post-a-day being the most favorable.

Thanks for being a curator on the platform!

Cheers, @zelensky You Successfully Shared 0.100 WINE With @upvoteshares.
You Earned 0.100 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 2/3 Successful Calls.


WINE Current Market Price : 10.000 HIVE

Have you thought of having these shares on Hive-Engine?

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I have but for now I don't really have any plans to automate things since I also have no IT background. It has always been the goal to keep this project rather small more for the model to be a proof of concept which tuns out to work quite well. At some point it will likely reach a point where it all just runs without new shares being introduced as the load to do it all manually grows as it gets bigger.

I hope that makes sense

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Next Hive Power Up Day is February 1st 2021

Ill buy another share if you got one.

Am i reading this correctly, if i get 6 shares, i will get upvoted on all my posts instead of 1x per week? Plus the vote value would be multiplied 6x what i get with 1 share? Thanks for the info

Hi @quinnertronics, thanks for being patient on my late reply. Right now 1 share equals 2.8%. For everyone where the number of shares they have x7 x2.8 is above 100%, a daily vote will be given out. For everyone where it is below 100%, a weekly vote will be given.

6x7x2.8 = 117,6 meaning there will be a daily upvote of 6x2.8% = 16.8% rounded up to 17%

I hope that makes sense, it both avoids upvotes to be too low and those that make 4 or less posts on average each week to get the most out of it. 5 shares currently give 1 weekly 98% upvote. There are 7 shares left, feel free to send the needed Hive for how many of those that you want extra and I'll adjust your upvote %.


Ok so if i take 5 shares 4.7 x5 =28.5 hive i send u, with "i agree to the terms"

Looking at the number of post you have, you are probably better off getting 4 shares which puts you at 5 giving a weekly 98% upvote instead of getting to 6 giving a 17% daily upvote. The value of unused votes are always destributed to active shareholders.

Anyway, it's up to you. I already changed your weekly upvote % to 98% assuming 4 more (4x4.7 = 18.8 Hive) If you do want to switch to daily upvotes and get 5 just send the (5x4.7 = 23.5 Hive) and I will adjust your upvotes. No need to use the "i agree to the terms" in memo. That is mostly there for now people that get in so they are more likely to do a bit of reading into everything.


Hey, team and member's of @upvoteshares project check my profile and see I can reach minimum requirement to join I just now know about this fantastic project and also recommend me some project how I can join to get upvote on good content my content may not be best but I think it's readable.

Hey @aiovo, thanks for the patience as I'm late on replying.

I quickly checked and you surely fit the profile to be part of this project having your own style, unique posts, effort put into thumbnails, engagement,...

There is a limit to how many shares someone can get based on their overall investment though. it is set at 40 HP needed for each share you can get (delegated hive also counts). There are still 3 shares available here now that go for 4.7 Hive each (you don't lose any of that and will be able to recover that by selling or in case the project ever comes to an end). Once those 3 are out, The next level will open up.

3 shares give a weekly upvote of 3x2.8x7 = 59%
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

it is set at 40 HP needed for each share you can get (delegated hive also counts)

so I have to delegate 40 HP to get a share or is there other way to buy shares?

and to what account?

and thank's fro reply even if it was late but thank's @upvoteshares

no delegation is needed, the idea is that only people that are actually invested in Hive are able to get in. All is explained in great detail here https://hive.blog/curation/@upvoteshares/upvote-shares-or-terms-and-conditions-qc10mo

The hive for shares goes to the @upvoteshares account. There are 3 available right now still at 4.70 Hive each, the next level where new shares become availavle is set to open soon.