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There has been an airdrop to the @upvoteshares account from Blurt.blog which is another fork of Steemit. Upvotes on that platform won't be supported but I did start converting the BLURT into HIVE a while ago and plan to use them in a way that benefits the project here on hive and all the shareholders. This is what I have in mind.

A total of 5751.794 BLURT was airdropped. It was not worth all that much at the start and I just neglected it but started to convert it into Hive when the price went up cost averaging us out during the power down.

All of it at the current blurt price would come at around 185 HIVE. I did manage to get ~320 HIVE in hive-engine with 2451 Blurt left in the Blurtwallet. This is what I personally have in mind to do with it which I believe is a fair balance benefitting the project and shareholders directly. Feel free to give me suggestions or feedback. It is not a major amount but still a nice extra.

Airdrop Plans

  • Payout To Shareholders: I would do something like double curation dividend rewards the next couple of levels. Those that don't have enough shares (11) to get curation reward dividends are free to request their share. It would be too much of a hassle to manually send to 100+ accounts of which many have only 1 or 2 shares given the amounts.

  • Buy & Burn Shares: This mostly relates to when shares don't sell out within a given timespan after a new level opens up. Being able to power up some Hive from the airdrop burning shares in the process helps to progress faster while increasing both the upvotes and returns from existing shareholders.

  • Put a bit into Savings: I have been putting the post-post earnings into the @minnowshares account powering it up above the original 500 HP and leasing it out to the @upvoteshares account which has increased the total HP now by 288+ HP as a permanent lease to increase returns. I would use a small part to further increase this.

  • Get More Tribe Tokens: So far the account has 635 LEO tokens | 2386 PAL tokens | 310k SPORTS tokens powered up to give some extra value to those posting in those tribes. I am thinking of using a small part to add some to these and maybe also get some NEOXAG which seems quite popular on tags since it allows all content from what I understand. Right now, the Voting Power of LEO and SPORTS is most times at 100% despite the 10x multipliers. PAL is being used and NEOXAG also is not at 100%.

  • Get Extra Lease: Entry fees that come with new shares get used to getting a HP Lease, I am looking to lease some more with a small part of the airdrop which would give a slight increase on the upvotes.
  • Use as Temporary Funds: I already did use 43.2 HIVE as temporary funds to buy-back 10 shares of someone who wanted to exit the program recently. These shares will become available when the next level opens up at a cheaper price as there are no entry fees.

Anyway, these are the things I had in mind with the extra funds which all benefit both the project and the shareholders. I will continue to monitor the Blurt Price and sell some more in case there is a pump. As I said before, feel free to leave suggestions and remarks in the comments below.

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I have been happy with all the help and the methods in which you use to further the accounts reach, so I guess continue as always, you have always made the choice which best serves us.