BTC & Crypto Scam / Manipulation - Textbook Wyckoff Graph Exposed

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We all know that there are all kinds of dodgy tricks being played in most financial markets, with crypto not in any way being exempt. This video does a great job of exposing how the Wyckoff Event model, created 100 years ago, seems to have been used to pull off massive market manipulation in BTC and crypto in general.

The graph speaks for itself, check out how we are all being played - perhaps by institutional 'investors':

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Thanks. A key point here for personal wellbeing and a clear mind is that controlling emotions is always unhealthy. If you feel into what is being said here, he is advising to change your thinking regard to the situation and in regard to what you are feeling - but he is labelling this as 'controlling emotions'. It is possible to control emotions through thought, which tends to mean militantly crushing them and not allowing them to move and evolve. This is actually brutally self destructive and is what forces more of us to become sub conscious. All that is necessary is to be real and to feel all of the feelings. The feelings are our 'feedback from our generals' - to continue his analogy. It's important to allow the feelings to freely respond and use them to track what we are thinking. Our feelings can be used to detect the thought patterns that need to change, rather than using thought patterns to crush the feelings as if their response is the cause of the problem when it is not.


Well, logic and emotion can come into balance in the heart. <3

every plan, every thought begins with a feeling

without feelings we are motionless

without e-motion we are inert

I've heard a lot about this Wyckoff thing in the last few days. Suddenly everyone has become an expert (particularly crypto twitter) but crypto is volatile in any case. If you've been in it long enough, you see patterns and look for the drawbacks as opportunities but like the way this guy goes through it.

This time around definitely stunk of coordination though. How concentrated the FUD was in the last 2 weeks... It was everywhere!

It absolutely was highly organised in a similar way to war propaganda for illegal wars, dubious 'healthcare' strategies and so on.. This graph is a smoking gun imo.