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The LeoFinance community on Hive blockchian is one of the leading communities on Hive with development drive targetted at serving its core as a finance hub on the blockchain. Investoprs are jpoining the community each passing day and thios has healthily multiplied the value of the LEO token in the Hive market.

In a bid to add more value to the Hive blockchain, there has been a conscious and consistent improvements in the UI and addition of wesites to the Leofinance ecosystem. This grand stride is the build of a Hove interfaced modelled after Peak-D to enable flexibility and user retention. Here is the detail of the beta release.

LeoFinance New Hive Interface allows for Hive Keychain whish is adjudged the safer mode of accessing Hive accounts. Other "yummy" features of the new interface that greatly catch my admiration are:

  • split view publishing page
  • Decent home page with modern page views
  • Multi-function wallet page
  • Blog filters in the user page.


With the blog filter for instance, it would be easier to search for posts on a user's blog based on "tag" used in the post. Indeed, the entire build of the interface is awesome and has the capacity of reatining users.


However, I have some salient suggestions which if considered could make the interface/Dapp the most used DAPp on the Hive blockchain. Presently, the condenser version of Leofinance.io comfortably sits on the 8th position among Hive dapps according to Hivedapps. Peak-d had maintained a long lead before SPlinterlands game came onbaord.

SO far, Leofinance.io has not crossed the 100 daily user stat yet despite the great buzz in sends around the Hive blockchain. Users preferred to use Peak-d and other interface since thery were more friendly not mindinh that they could lose 10% of their post rewards due to tax.


From my assertion, even after the build, the usage of the DApp would still dance around the 100 daily user stat since these are just the few users who are interested in finantial contents. Users are aware of the penalty that comes with posting a non-crypto and non-finance content on the leofinance DApp.

I think that we canexpand the Scope of Usage of the New leofinance interface

I am looking at the possibility of the new interface serving as a full fledged Hive interface by default which would allow any Hive post to be created through it. However, there could be a button which could be clicked to switch to a "leofinance-only" content mode for finance and crypto posts that would earn LEO as well.

The reason for allowing it as a general Hive interface by default is to avoid the plenty errors of publishins other contents. In any case, users thatexpect LEO rewards would be more careful to hit thr button to activate the "leofinance-only" mode.

I am looking at a situation where the new interface could have over 1,000 users using it though for non-leo contents. This would increase the views of the Ads that run on the interface and in effect increase the ad revenue. If it only serves LEO content, then, its usage may never grow above the 150 daily user mark.

I wish I could explain my thoughts better but I hope that Khal and other developers would understand me well.

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Great feedback, thanks for letting us know your thoughts.

Our plan is to implement a way to post/view other communities outside of LeoFinance, but the default will always be set to LeoFinance until the user changes it in the settings. The goal is to cater to Leo users first and foremost but I still see a lot of potential in also serving as a UI for other communities too

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Our plan is to implement a way to post/view other communities outside of LeoFinance, but the default will always be set to LeoFinance until the user changes it in the settings.

Are there plans to limit the possibility of abusing the LEO content feed with other posts, in case a new user uses the app. If posts are made into other communities, would it earn LEO?

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If they post into another community, then it wouldn't earn LEO :)

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