The Sooniverse Of LEOFINANCE already Taking a Whole New Enviable Shape

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A whole new look, I must say, that is undoubtedly enviable in the sense that the whole new features rolling out and the enticing engagements where it all gives all and sundry the avenue to win prizes worth a huge amount of dollars have been made available.

I was watching the latest podcast from boss @khaleelkazi when he was stating and explaining the architectural designs embarked on the new interface, the designing of both the back end and front end of the user interface coupled with the engagement that follows, stating the need for feedback, then i understand that the future is close though there are chances that it might take long which is not out of place because nothing good comes easy but then the future is getting brighter the more as each step of unveiling a new feature has made it so.

The Added Updates Shaping the New Beginning

The updates rolling out literally on a daily basis are an indicator of how the economy is shaping up. Let's take, for example, the aspect of threading, where it was this new interface that brought it to light. Hence, virtually everyone in Leofinance is enjoying it, as are those outside of Leofinance, as it has opened a great room and avenue for engagement.


On the last podcast from boss @khaleelkazi where he was talking about rolling a new feature which is based on one getting rewards from the articles published through the subscription to the content channels of the creator so that the first hand information will be sent to the person. This being an added advantage to the creator in that the subscriber might pay using HBD Or Hive. This is another avenue for earning money.

Concurrently, as we speak, the new interface now has a general space where all the posts published can be seen, and that's the article feature. With this feature, no need of one going to other interface like #peakD to view posts no read what others has published.


The power of threading has revitalized everything on Leofinance, especially engagement. Thread working hand in hand hand with #zealy has provided a whole new opportunity for one in that one can't just only thread but then has a reward for threading as it is very vital to sustain growth in the community and invariably many participating and believing on the projects leofinance has in hand to offer both in the now and present.

Wallet Classification

This is yet another important and yet obvious improvement in this new Leofinance interface that one has to see and believe that Leofinance is in the process of improving for the future. This is not just a mere saying, because looking at the division of the wallet into leo base, hive engine base, and hive base is a clear identification that something more is cooking in the leofinance community other than the normal. Giving much more room to Leo, as it deserves, shows that there will be more teknomics for Leo.

What more can i say about #GLS and #NFT which leofinance has offered to help and create a future in. Seeing the atmosphere in leofinance turning into greatness in no distant time for leofinance is what i have longed for and i see it coming sooner than i expect because this robust EVERYTHING APP that is been built covers it all.

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