Bitcoin ETF Could Trigger a Market Rise!! 🤔

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Bitcoin assault, the rise of the bitcoin, the rise of the market funds, and the drop in the market, and the drop in AltCoins continued for a week. For Some people, bitcoin assaults are more scary than market drops due to bitcoin declines. The sympathy of this is because the drop of AltCoins because it was a significant level, and it is because it experiences a dual drop in the lower decline when it comes down to the bitcoin.

However, it is expected that this decline is expected to rise in the bitcoin. There are many views that the market's funds' fund flow follow these trends to be similar.

First, it is already known that the bitcoin must continue to rise or more resilience, and this is reflecting the expectation of the bitcoin ETF approval at the center of this rising tax. I think it will be outlined on the difference.

For expectations for these ETFs, Pantera Capital Ceo Dan MoreHead mentions that unlike the investor's wishing to expect a lot of rising rises, it mentions that the rise of ETF will not come.

It is an entry that the virtual market is already being applied to the "rumor accident, selling the fact" such as the proverb to investors."

In 2017, the BitCoin gift was up by 2400%, which was a massive rise before it was listed on the Chicago Gift Exchange, and had a case where there were 83% of the drops.

In this year, cryptocurrencies exchange Coinbase has already had a rise of 822% before listing on NASDAQ and has a drop of 53% since.

The expectation that SEC will approve the bitcoin ETF is that many investment analysts and traders are expected and expected. Although the approval is delayed, it is probably reported to be approved by the end of this month. The SEC is a factor that differss this expectation, not to oppose the Gift-based bitcoin ETF.

Actually, it is not known that the approval will continue to be delayed, but it is quite a pretty come out of the mention to prepare for the possibility of a decline. If not approved, there will be disappointment for sale, and there is also an opinion that it may not be an explosive growth even if it is approved. The more virtualization acceleration is accelerated, the more accelerated, the above-mentioned explosive rise can occur.

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Bitcoin is really a cool crypto as a pioneer, i really wished i can get a hold on how this coin is dealt. How do one invest into it? Buying and selling without encountering fraud, when to trade and all that keeps a lot of people at bar.
@vikbuddy can you make a post for especially on the above, i did appreciate if you can be my mentor

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