DeFi Total Value Locked hits New Highs and the Growth Persists!

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Defi's growth is continuing.
It has experienced a sharp decline since the explosive growth of the last quarter, but It continues to rise after mid-July, and now currently showing TVL Total Value Locked $260.59 Billion. While it breached its all time hit on November 9, going high upto $276.9 Billion. Amid this constant fear and panic among the sellers seen since past week, DeFi continues to rise whereas the metaverse tokens are finding a stagnation in public.

This growth is caused by the flow of the cryptocurrency market, and the two aspects of the DEFI itself are mixed. The price rise of the virtual money market, that is, the prices of the locked coin, should be concerned about interpreting Defi as grown.

The judgment believes that the DEFI is growing qualitatively and quantitatively. Watching as qualitatively growing instruments is a lot of problems caused by many hacking and rugs, including BSC, ETH, and Poly Network.
It has a lot of attraction of both the investors and operators, and the protocols and chains that doubt the security have been limited to growth potential. The institutional investor can not invest in the network that security is suspicious or suspected fairness. There will be more opportunities and revenue where capital is concentrated, and individual investors will also find a secure network. Although it is still a rug, it is still rugged, but the ratio is a lot of contrast, but it seems to develop its own purification.

Quantitatively, it seems that the diversity of the chain is accompanied by increasing diversity, as by Binance, Polygon and Solana, and other networks in the force. Some chains are also able to see the identity of growth, and eventually they are competing and wounding new chains to grow, and the entire market will grow quantitatively. If you have a recent growing Solana, Terra, the successful, stable rise, and stable, you think that the positive effect on the overall DeFi and the virtual money market will be considered.

The next-generation riches are present, and investors are likely to cheer for investments. The market Dominance of DeFi is above 17% now and is still the main chain of the beginning and new testing of Defi. It is then followed by Binance, Terra, Polygon and Solana.

In the case of, Tera the Total Value Locked is around
$12B which is low compared to other chains. In other words, the market evaluation of the coin, the total value of the inside, the amount of money that is locked inside, is that the main reason for the main product of Terra is concentrated on the DEFI and LENDING, and the main reason for using the Terra network is also stable Investors seeking profits are seen for many reasons. It is likely to be a stable side, but it seems to be worrying to increase scalability. However, it may be wise to expand aggressively, a few days ago, even if you are a little slower, you may be wilted for sure development and expansion. After all, good talent must compete in the same network pool and work together. There is a limit to a few Genius.

In the case of Solana, it is near $14B, which is the industry standard that can be seen as industry standards.
In recent years, the sharp rise in SOL prices, reflecting the expectation for Solana. I am looking at a high potential rather than a bubble. With high expectations and potential for Solana Chains and SOL, many on body protocols, services, and services can be filled with TVL. Now you can see it as the starting step.
If a good service is generated, the value of value rising is filled with TVL, and the external funds can flow a lot.

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Yes, the Polynetwork and Solana are very sexy investments. :-)