Quote Of The Day: Crypto Enthusiasts, We Are The Architects Of The Future πŸš€

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Krypto-Enthusiasten, wir sind die Architekten der Zukunft πŸš€

Wir sind aufgerufen, Architekten der Zukunft zu sein!


Saint Charles Apotheke, Wien


We are called upon to be the architects of the future!

Live your Secrets and Hive Prosper 🍯

xx Viki @vikisecrets

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Thats a good quote. It really feel that way now that some of the big institutions are getting involved. We were here first!

Das ist super πŸ‘

hi @vikisecrets ,
you are absolutely right, at the beginning of this whole ecosystem we BTC enthusiasts were considered crazy, today those same people who called us crazy are asking us for information about this technology that is changing the future of the Internet and finance, (we are the architects of the future).

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