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RE: Survivorship Bias In Financial Resilience

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Brilliant article, once again! There is always meaning in any failure, all the more in the ones which aren't necessarily ours or the failures that have been thrust upon us by bad luck and external negative circumstances or social circles with a lot of ill faith!


There will always be some sort of "bad luck" or "external negative circumstances" or "social circles with a lot of ill faith" in our lives, just like there were bullets during the WW2 war.

Probably the best way forward is to understand what areas are vulnerable to those "negative circumstances", work on them step by step, and learn how to live in such a way that the they won't "crash our plane" next time we bump into each other.

It's a slow, life long process.

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Yes, indeed, but there is also something called 'destiny' or 'fate' or 'karma' or 'higher powers' or 'God' which sometimes gives us failures for a lot of reasons, some of which are hidden positive ones, regardless of how we initially perceive them or how we deal with them afterwards. Those failures can be hidden blessings and being vulnerable is sometimes normal (I wouldn't call it 'ok', just normal), as we're just limited humans with limited capacity in many things at the end of the day. But perhaps this is a very comprehensive subject for a totally brand new spiritual post, transcending religion as well, why not? :)

P.S.: It's very important to armor and build up defenses in weak points after a tough battle any given time after the end of it, especially if you really want to win or just not lose next time. As they say, it's better to be safe than sorry and you definitely have to be better prepared in a similar challenge for a second possible round, whenever that will come! And yes, it's a slow life long process or actually an eternal process spanning countless lives, if we are to put things in a very spiritual manner. :)