Initiating Full Power Down: I'm Going All Out Purchasing DEC + 23.36% Trading Arbitrage

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The last time I went on a power down, it was during the time all new additions to @splinterlands with Untamed Booster Packs and later Azmare Dice along with the incredible Land Plots of Praetoria. These @splinterlands assets ended up being my best performing investment for the last year and there are no regrets regarding those moves. In fact I have @splinterlands assets as the biggest part of my cryptocurrency portfolio which is basically where all my net worth is at.

I See A Repeat With Chaos Legion

We can all complain about how we can make the voice acting better. I'm not too concerned about that. I come from the days where there were no such thing as gameplay for @splinterlands and as @nathanmars mentioned today, it was called "SteemMonsters". What matters here is the progress over time. This is all without some large scale corporate funding. @splinterlands is a grassroots game powered by the amazing community that I'm willing to bet on.

Not Leaving Anything


I was waiting for a big pump to sell. It seems like I might miss out too much by waiting too long. I have already missed out too much due to not purchasing enough DEC with my liquid funds. It has gone up way above its price floor of $0.001 and the value seems to keep on climbing.

This brings us to another familiar situation (but the exchanges revered). STEEM-Engine used to be the place that is cheaper to buy DEC. Now it has become 23.36% more expensive to buy. If you want to sell some DEC, then STEEM-Engine is the place to be.





Picking The Right Place To Deposit

You can save many hassles by being smart about where you deposit your cryptocurrency. There are 3 tricks that I can tell you.

  1. Don't use to deposit HIVE
  2. Use to transfer DEC around
  3. Avoid if you need high liquidity


This interface above can get you out of all deposit and withdrawal fees. It's a special benefit of dealing with DEC. No other Token I know on HIVE has this advantage. and other interfaces exist that allow you to deposit HIVE at a 75% discount. Make sure to use them unless you have to move a large amount of funds immediately.


Selling STEEM.png

Buying DEC

Buying DEC.png

Happy Investing!

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Splinterland's has changed equation for Hive in a big way.
I never thought SL can be so rewarding in my initial days.

Me neither. I am playing it since 2018.12.30. Many of the cards were worth literally only a single cent ($0.01) in that time, and there were no Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) in the beginning.

Splinterland's has changed equation for Hive in a big way.

Is LeoFinance the next Splinterlands for Hive ?

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yup, Lot of nugget of information in LF that can make you rich..(Apart from token price.)

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best investment ever made.

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If you want to sell some DEC, then STEEM-Engine is the place to be.

I rather keep collecting it. I currently have less than 4000. I currently have 3987.20 Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) in-game, and that it is. But thank you for the suggestion. I will check the Steem Engine from time to time. Since the start of the Hive blockchain I have not really checked it so far. I used and I am using the Hive Engine.