Hive Power Up Day: +20 HP | My Goal For the Month Of June

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Today is the first day of June and there are users from Hive blockchain were powering up their Hive as a participation in the Hive Power Up Day (HPUD) and this is my 3rd time participating on every HPUD and also this is my 3rd month in the Hive Blockchain.

For my 3rd HPUD day, I powered up 20 Hive Liquid into my account today and I have now a total of 625 Hive Power and it's now getting stronger as days passed by and also it is getting better. You can see my last HPUD Post which was on May 1st with my goal in my mind to get 300 (HP) Hive Power but surprisingly, it was way more than my goal for the month of May and I have currently 625 HP which is 370% increase from my previous month of my Hive Power.

Getting that 625 HP today is not an easy one because we need dedication for our article or post to be distinguish to other curators and also we need to engage to other community members in each community that we posted our article.

My Account Growth

My analytics says that my Hive Power is constantly rising which means that there's no power down in my account and I always keeps track on my Hive Power Every day. Having this Hive Power Up Day reminds me every month that getting or powering up my account means that growing also your account and not only that, I can get a higher value of vote and I can get curations for the votes that I give to other users in the Hive Blockchain.

I'm really thankful that HiveBuzz is constantly reminding me each month to power up my account and to keep track of my Hive Power so that I will know how did I get HP in a month. It's better than powering up and also to the Hive itself that will benefit from this. This will also grow the Hive value as I power it up.

From my post last month with the 169 HP and compared it today, I can see that my progress is going well and I have lots of plans on my Hive Power and that is to delegate to other community that represents to upvote to other users, having that, I can also help other Hivians in the platform.

My Goals For the Month of June

I never thought that I'd be getting 370% increase from my last HPUD that is 169 from the 1st month of May and not it is 625 HP as of writing. Now, what is my next goal after attaining more than what should be? So, My goal for this month is to get more than 1,000 HP (Hive Power) before the end of the month of June and I think this is possible if I continuoustly post something that is worth to the curators.

AprilMayExpected Goal in JuneProgress to goal

I am now 62.5% of my total goal in the month of June and hopefully I can get that goal before the month will end. Setting this goal myself keeps me motivated on posting an article and giving hope that It rises every day as I post every day of my post.

Other Goals

My Goal is not limited to Hive, also I am into other tokens that I think they are valuable and will pump in the next month or in the next few years. Just last month, I started on Inleo and it's front end. I think this is another opportunity for me to get LEO tokens if I use their frontend or I posted on their platform. Leo is continuously building up their community and after I heard about Inleo, I subscribed on their premium account on that day to give support to the community.

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Happy Hive PUD @vinzie1 💪🐝

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Goal is life!

That's some serious dedication and growth you're showing there. It's awesome to see how you're consistently pushing yourself to achieve more each month. Keep up the great work dear friend

Will try HPUD this July. The last week had been a race. 🤩 !PGM

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