Diversifying into the bHBD-BUSD pool

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Hi HODLers and Hiveans,

As I have tried to diversify where my Stablecoins are and what they are farming, I have recently joined with a small amount of them the bHBD-BUSD Cubdefi pool.

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It is paying c.36%APR APY and it has the advantage of making them available in case they decide to do a x2 like a few months back!


Also, Binance Smart Chain seems to still be thriving despite having some obvious flows, it managed to keep the community involved and has some blue chips projects still trying to innovate.

There are also been quite a lot of CUB burning recently and I do hope this will continue to be the case to help sustain this nice APY.

And you, where are your stablecoins earning you some precious $$$?

Stay safe out there,

CubDefi's webiste

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One thing I love about this is avoiding impermanent loss. Nice choice

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I feed, safe and responsible!

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Nice one... impermanent loss doesn't really enter the equation. Looks like a goodie!

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Well, impermanent losses would be very small if HBD can maintain a close to $1 value.
Nice APY!

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I have my Stablecoins in Cub and Polycub, but I will figure out how to move them soon. BUSD-hbd is a good move

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